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prime numbers at - your source for all the information you'll need about prime numbers

Welcome! If you are having problems in understanding topics on prime numbers, then this site is for you. Here you will find discussions on several important principles in mathematics as a whole, such as how to determine prime numbers and prime factorization. There are also quizzes if you want to test yourself (or have to), as well as C programs wherein you can see these principles in action.

We hope you enjoy moving around our site and further increase your understanding on prime numbers.

Determining Prime Numbers

Prime Factorization

Click here for a short introduction to prime numbers, as well as the methods of determining whether a given number is prime or not. See the different ways on how to factor a given composite number: the factor tree, continuous division, and Fermat's rule.

Getting the Number of Divisors

The Sum and Product of Divisors

Know how to get the number of divisors of a given value without having to mingle with factors bit by bit. How do we get the sum and the product of the divisors of a number? Get in touch with the proper method here.

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